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Accessibility Widget

Widget Actions

Accessibility Widget actions display links which allow your website visitors to bypass navigation menus and other header elements and skip directly to your website’s main content or open the widget sidebar.

Website visitors can use actions by clicking the Tab key on their keyboard, immediately after a page finishes loading.

Clicking the Tab key once will bring up the Skip To Content link. Clicking the Tab key a second time will bring up the Open Accessibility Sidebar link. To use the action, the website visitor can click the link or press the Enter key.

A) Skip To Content

B) Open Accessibility Sidebar

Try It Yourself:

Reload this page and wait until the widget button appears at the bottom-right corner of the page. Then press the Tab key on your keyboard twice bring up the Open Accessibility Sidebar link. Press the Enter key to open and close the widget sidebar.

Skip To Content link
Open Accessibility Sidebar link

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