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Accessibility Bundle

Help make the internet user-friendly... for all users

How To Install

To install your new Divi-Modules purchase, activate your product license, and manage your Divi-Modules products, please follow these simple instructions.

The purchase transaction receipt


After completing your Divi-Modules product purchase, you will receive a confirmation email providing your download link and software license Key. This information can also be found in your Divi-Modules account Purchases and Downloads pages.

The wordpress admin plugins page


After downloading your Divi-Modules product, upload it to your website’s WordPress Dashboard and click Activate. More detailed instructions on installing WordPress Plugins can be found online here.

The Divi-Modules admin page


In order to receive periodic updates, you will need to activate your software license. To do this, navigate to the Divi-Modules menu item in your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the My Modules submenu, enter your software license key, and click Activate.

The purchases area of the Divi-Modules user account


To manage your software license or to purchase upgrades, please go to your Divi-Modules account Purchases page.

Divi Marketplace Customers

If you purchased your product through the Divi Marketplace your account and license are with Elegant Themes and these instructions are not relevant to you.