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Accessibility Tweaks


We are committed to providing technical support for our Accessibility Tweaks plugin to ensure a smooth user experience for our customers. This page outlines the scope of our support services and clarifies our limitations in offering specific advice on improving accessibility standards for individual websites.

Scope of Support

We are available to assist customers with issues related to the installation, configuration, and usage of our Accessibility Tweaks plugin. We strive to address technical inquiries promptly and efficiently to ensure our customers can use our product effectively.

Direct links to our support channels can be found under the plugin’s Accessibility > Admin tab in the WordPress Admin.

Limitations on Accessibility Advice

We cannot provide individualized advice on how to use our product to achieve accessibility standards or compliance for your website. Accessibility requirements may vary depending on factors such as content, design, and legal jurisdiction, and providing general or specific accessibility advice is beyond the scope of support that we provide.

Consultation and Expertise

For comprehensive accessibility guidance and compliance, we recommend consulting with accessibility professionals familiar with the relevant standards and regulations. They can provide tailored recommendations and assistance based on the specific needs and requirements of your website and jurisdiction.


Our goal is to support our customers in effectively using our Accessibility Tweaks plugin while also providing clarity on the scope of our support services. We encourage customers to speak to us for technical assistance, and to seek expert consultation for more comprehensive accessibility guidance, tailored to their individual needs.

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