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Absolutely amazing! I am so happy, because your plugin is so important for us. I have never met a ‘maximum stars’ support like you. I really appreciate your help!"


Yesterday I met Table Maker and it works like a charm! I definitely recommend Table Maker. Try it because it’s worth it.

Ramon Buzon (CEO Founder DonDivi)

I am so appreciative of your help and quick responses to my issues. This has been by far the best customer service I’ve ever received from any Divi developer.

Katiya Xiong

I've just spent two lovely days with Wordpress and the Divi theme. One plugin that made it all worth it was Table Maker, from Divi-Modules. Well worth the money.

Michael Sitarzewski

Typewriter is amazing. Your instructions, screenshots, response time and time taking to make sure things were fine are even more amazing. Thanks so much!

Mark Glover

Thanks so much for helping us out with this. The plugin in and of itself looks awesome. Being able to create organizational charts with it is the icing on the cake!

Stella McGovern

A great tool in the box.
Highly recommend using Divi-Modules – Table Maker.

Daisy Bowman

Exceptional customer service.
Thank you so much, this is golden!

Sara Devere

Thanks so much! It's a great plugin you've created and I'll be coming back to it for future projects that require tables!

Kate Carman

Many thanks for your very prompt reply. Not only does your product rock, your support does too.

Paul Ratcliffe

Great plugin! A must have for tables in Divi!

Jackey van Melis

Wow, thanks for your super comprehensive answer! That table looks fantastic, what a great plugin. Thanks so much for your help.

Rosie Robinson

Many thanks for the prompt response, detailed support and tutorial. Your personal touch has certainly been very reassuring. Thank you.

Steve Manderson

Just bought your Table Maker module and it’s amazing! Thanks for getting back to me so quick.

Kev Grimshaw

Your plugin is Awesome! You just made my life so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mercy Myers

Wow, thank you so much for the speedy response – I have it all sorted now, you are a star!

Anna Stansbie

I purchased Table Maker and I am very happy with it. Great product and a huge time saver!

Alfred Poor

I recently purchased the Table Maker and it works great, I'm loving it! Very well done on this product.

Trevor Hall

TablePress Styler Icons

Divi-Modules – TablePress Styler can use any of the 360 Elegant Icons included as standard in the Divi Builder. Find the icon you wish to use from the table below, then copy and paste its shortcode into the TablePress editor.

The table below was built with Divi-Modules – Table Maker.

[tps_icon name="arrow_up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right-up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right-down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow-up-down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_up-down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-right_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-right"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_expand_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_expand_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_condense"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_expand"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_move"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-left"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-right"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2left"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2right"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-up_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-down_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-left_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-right_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2up_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2down_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2left_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2right_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-up"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-down"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-left"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-right"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-up_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-down_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-left_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-right_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_back"]
[tps_icon name="minus-06"]
[tps_icon name="plus"]
[tps_icon name="close"]
[tps_icon name="check"]
[tps_icon name="minus_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="plus_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="close_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="check_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="zoom-out_alt"]
[tps_icon name="zoom-in_alt"]
[tps_icon name="search"]
[tps_icon name="box-empty"]
[tps_icon name="box-selected"]
[tps_icon name="minus-box"]
[tps_icon name="plus-box"]
[tps_icon name="box-checked"]
[tps_icon name="circle-empty"]
[tps_icon name="circle-selected"]
[tps_icon name="stop_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="stop"]
[tps_icon name="pause_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="pause"]
[tps_icon name="menu"]
[tps_icon name="menu-square_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="menu-circle_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="ul"]
[tps_icon name="ol"]
[tps_icon name="adjust-horiz"]
[tps_icon name="adjust-vert"]
[tps_icon name="document_alt"]
[tps_icon name="documents_alt"]
[tps_icon name="pencil"]
[tps_icon name="pencil-edit_alt"]
[tps_icon name="pencil-edit"]
[tps_icon name="folder-alt"]
[tps_icon name="folder-open_alt"]
[tps_icon name="folder-add_alt"]
[tps_icon name="info_alt"]
[tps_icon name="error-oct_alt"]
[tps_icon name="error-circle_alt"]
[tps_icon name="error-triangle_alt"]
[tps_icon name="question_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="question"]
[tps_icon name="comment_alt"]
[tps_icon name="chat_alt"]
[tps_icon name="vol-mute_alt"]
[tps_icon name="volume-low_alt"]
[tps_icon name="volume-high_alt"]
[tps_icon name="quotations"]
[tps_icon name="quotations_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="clock_alt"]
[tps_icon name="lock_alt"]
[tps_icon name="lock-open_alt"]
[tps_icon name="key_alt"]
[tps_icon name="cloud_alt"]
[tps_icon name="cloud-upload_alt"]
[tps_icon name="cloud-download_alt"]
[tps_icon name="image"]
[tps_icon name="images"]
[tps_icon name="lightbulb_alt"]
[tps_icon name="gift_alt"]
[tps_icon name="house_alt"]
[tps_icon name="genius"]
[tps_icon name="mobile"]
[tps_icon name="tablet"]
[tps_icon name="laptop"]
[tps_icon name="desktop"]
[tps_icon name="camera_alt"]
[tps_icon name="mail_alt"]
[tps_icon name="cone_alt"]
[tps_icon name="ribbon_alt"]
[tps_icon name="bag_alt"]
[tps_icon name="creditcard"]
[tps_icon name="cart_alt"]
[tps_icon name="paperclip"]
[tps_icon name="tag_alt"]
[tps_icon name="tags_alt"]
[tps_icon name="trash_alt"]
[tps_icon name="cursor_alt"]
[tps_icon name="mic_alt"]
[tps_icon name="compass_alt"]
[tps_icon name="pin_alt"]
[tps_icon name="pushpin_alt"]
[tps_icon name="map_alt"]
[tps_icon name="drawer_alt"]
[tps_icon name="toolbox_alt"]
[tps_icon name="book_alt"]
[tps_icon name="calendar"]
[tps_icon name="film"]
[tps_icon name="table"]
[tps_icon name="contacts_alt"]
[tps_icon name="headphones"]
[tps_icon name="lifesaver"]
[tps_icon name="piechart"]
[tps_icon name="refresh"]
[tps_icon name="link_alt"]
[tps_icon name="link"]
[tps_icon name="loading"]
[tps_icon name="blocked"]
[tps_icon name="archive_alt"]
[tps_icon name="heart_alt"]
[tps_icon name="printer"]
[tps_icon name="calulator"]
[tps_icon name="building"]
[tps_icon name="floppy"]
[tps_icon name="drive"]
[tps_icon name="search-2"]
[tps_icon name="id"]
[tps_icon name="id-2"]
[tps_icon name="puzzle"]
[tps_icon name="like"]
[tps_icon name="dislike"]
[tps_icon name="mug"]
[tps_icon name="currency"]
[tps_icon name="wallet"]
[tps_icon name="pens"]
[tps_icon name="easel"]
[tps_icon name="flowchart"]
[tps_icon name="datareport"]
[tps_icon name="briefcase"]
[tps_icon name="shield"]
[tps_icon name="percent"]
[tps_icon name="globe"]
[tps_icon name="globe-2"]
[tps_icon name="target"]
[tps_icon name="hourglass"]
[tps_icon name="balance"]
[tps_icon name="star_alt"]
[tps_icon name="star-half_alt"]
[tps_icon name="star"]
[tps_icon name="star-half"]
[tps_icon name="tools"]
[tps_icon name="tool"]
[tps_icon name="cog"]
[tps_icon name="cogs"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right-up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_right-down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_left-down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_condense_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_expand_alt3"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot_up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-left_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-right_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2dwnn_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2left_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_carrot-2right_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-up_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-down_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-left_alt"]
[tps_icon name="arrow_triangle-right_alt"]
[tps_icon name="minus_alt"]
[tps_icon name="plus_alt"]
[tps_icon name="close_alt"]
[tps_icon name="check_alt"]
[tps_icon name="zoom-out"]
[tps_icon name="zoom-in"]
[tps_icon name="stop_alt"]
[tps_icon name="menu-square_alt"]
[tps_icon name="menu-circle_alt"]
[tps_icon name="document"]
[tps_icon name="documents"]
[tps_icon name="pencil_alt"]
[tps_icon name="folder"]
[tps_icon name="folder-open"]
[tps_icon name="folder-add"]
[tps_icon name="folder_upload"]
[tps_icon name="folder_download"]
[tps_icon name="info"]
[tps_icon name="error-circle"]
[tps_icon name="error-oct"]
[tps_icon name="error-triangle"]
[tps_icon name="question_alt"]
[tps_icon name="comment"]
[tps_icon name="chat"]
[tps_icon name="vol-mute"]
[tps_icon name="volume-low"]
[tps_icon name="volume-high"]
[tps_icon name="quotations_alt"]
[tps_icon name="clock"]
[tps_icon name="lock"]
[tps_icon name="lock-open"]
[tps_icon name="key"]
[tps_icon name="cloud"]
[tps_icon name="cloud-upload"]
[tps_icon name="cloud-download"]
[tps_icon name="lightbulb"]
[tps_icon name="gift"]
[tps_icon name="house"]
[tps_icon name="camera"]
[tps_icon name="mail"]
[tps_icon name="cone"]
[tps_icon name="ribbon"]
[tps_icon name="bag"]
[tps_icon name="cart"]
[tps_icon name="tag"]
[tps_icon name="tags"]
[tps_icon name="trash"]
[tps_icon name="cursor"]
[tps_icon name="mic"]
[tps_icon name="compass"]
[tps_icon name="pin"]
[tps_icon name="pushpin"]
[tps_icon name="map"]
[tps_icon name="drawer"]
[tps_icon name="toolbox"]
[tps_icon name="book"]
[tps_icon name="contacts"]
[tps_icon name="archive"]
[tps_icon name="heart"]
[tps_icon name="profile"]
[tps_icon name="group"]
[tps_icon name="grid-2x2"]
[tps_icon name="grid-3x3"]
[tps_icon name="music"]
[tps_icon name="pause_alt"]
[tps_icon name="phone"]
[tps_icon name="upload"]
[tps_icon name="download"]
[tps_icon name="rook"]
[tps_icon name="printer-alt"]
[tps_icon name="calculator_alt"]
[tps_icon name="building_alt"]
[tps_icon name="floppy_alt"]
[tps_icon name="drive_alt"]
[tps_icon name="search_alt"]
[tps_icon name="id_alt"]
[tps_icon name="id-2_alt"]
[tps_icon name="puzzle_alt"]
[tps_icon name="like_alt"]
[tps_icon name="dislike_alt"]
[tps_icon name="mug_alt"]
[tps_icon name="currency_alt"]
[tps_icon name="wallet_alt"]
[tps_icon name="pens_alt"]
[tps_icon name="easel_alt"]
[tps_icon name="flowchart_alt"]
[tps_icon name="datareport_alt"]
[tps_icon name="briefcase_alt"]
[tps_icon name="shield_alt"]
[tps_icon name="percent_alt"]
[tps_icon name="globe_alt"]
[tps_icon name="clipboard"]
[tps_icon name="social_facebook"]
[tps_icon name="social_twitter"]
[tps_icon name="social_pinterest"]
[tps_icon name="social_googleplus"]
[tps_icon name="social_tumblr"]
[tps_icon name="social_tumbleupon"]
[tps_icon name="social_wordpress"]
[tps_icon name="social_instagram"]
[tps_icon name="social_dribbble"]
[tps_icon name="social_vimeo"]
[tps_icon name="social_linkedin"]
[tps_icon name="social_rss"]
[tps_icon name="social_deviantart"]
[tps_icon name="social_share"]
[tps_icon name="social_myspace"]
[tps_icon name="social_skype"]
[tps_icon name="social_youtube"]
[tps_icon name="social_picassa"]
[tps_icon name="social_googledrive"]
[tps_icon name="social_flickr"]
[tps_icon name="social_blogger"]
[tps_icon name="social_spotify"]
[tps_icon name="social_delicious"]
[tps_icon name="social_facebook_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_twitter_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_pinterest_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_googleplus_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_tumblr_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_stumbleupon_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_wordpress_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_instagram_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_dribbble_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_vimeo_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_linkedin_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_rss_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_deviantart_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_share_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_myspace_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_skype_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_youtube_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_picassa_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_googledrive_alt2"]
[tps_icon name="social_flickr_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_blogger_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_spotify_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_delicious_circle"]
[tps_icon name="social_facebook_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_twitter_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_pinterest_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_googleplus_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_tumblr_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_stumbleupon_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_wordpress_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_instagram_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_dribbble_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_vimeo_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_linkedin_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_rss_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_deviantart_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_share_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_myspace_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_skype_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_youtube_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_picassa_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_googledrive_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_flickr_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_blogger_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_spotify_square"]
[tps_icon name="social_delicious_square"]

To find out more, please see the About page and download the Documentation.


Divi-Modules – TablePress Styler feature image

TablePress Styler 1.2.0

$39 Divi Marketplace

Divi Marketplace License

This license is valid to be used on Unlimited Websites with 1 Year Support & Upgrades.

Choosing this option will take you to the Elegant Themes Divi Marketplace website where you can complete your purchase.

For Lifetime Licenses see pricing options below. For more information, see Product License.

$45 Lifetime Single

Lifetime Single License

This license is valid to be used on a Single Website for the Lifetime of the Product. This means you pay once and receive updates for as long as the product is supported.

Choosing this option will take you to the Divi-Modules checkout page where you can complete your purchase.

For more information, see Product License.

$89 Lifetime Unlimited

Lifetime Unlimited License

This license is valid to be used on Unlimited Websites for the Lifetime of the Product. This means you pay once and receive updates for as long as the product is supported.

Choosing this option will take you to the Divi-Modules checkout page where you can complete your purchase.

For more information, see Product License.

$135 All Access

All Access License

All Access gives you instant access to all current and future Divi-Modules products. All Access is available as an Annual Subscription or one-off Lifetime Purchase.

Choosing this option will take you to the All Access page where you can find more information and complete your purchase.

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