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Accessibility Widget

Accessibility Attributes

The Accessibility Widget’s Tooltip and Screen Reader features rely on ARIA attributes to display and vocalize important information about website elements while disregarding decorative, duplicated, or irrelevant content.

On its own, Divi lacks the capability to incorporate ARIA attributes into its elements. Our Accessibility Attributes plugin adds this functionality.

Accessibility Attributes allows you to add essential ARIA attributes to your Divi Sections, Rows, Columns, and Modules. These attributes include: aria-hidden, aria-role, aria-label, aria-labelledby, aria-description, aria-describedby, and aria-details.

When paired together, Accessibility Attributes and Accessibility Widget can significantly improve user experience for individuals with reading difficulties by providing them with the necessary context they need to navigate your website.

Accessibility Attributes
Accessibility Attributes settings

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