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Hide & Show


Divi-Modules – Hide & Show is compatible with all native Divi modules and our own Divi-Modules products.

To add compatibility for additional third-party modules, go to the WordPress Admin > Divi-Modules > My Modules > Hide & Show > Add Module field and enter a comma separated list of unique slugs (classes) for the modules you wish to add.

To find the unique slug (class) of the module you wish to add, first add an instance of the module to a page in your website. Then, inspect the module’s HTML using your browser’s developer tools. The unique slug (class) should appear directly after the et_pb_module class.

Once you have found your module’s unique slug (class), enter it into the Add Module field of the Hide & Show settings panel, as shown.


If your copy of Divi-Modules – Hide & Show was purchased from the Elegant Themes Divi Marketplace, the Add Module field will not be available to you. To enable it, you will need install a Divi-Modules product which has been purchased from the Divi-Modules website. The easiest way to do this is to download and install a free copy of our Divi-Modules – Simple Heading module.

In the example above, the unique slug (class) is dvmd_table_maker.

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