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The Divi-Modules product range

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All Access NEW!

Divi-Modules – All Access gives you unlimited access to all our great products at an incredible discounted price. A single license key gives you instant access to all our current and future products as they’re released. Get your All Access pass now and enjoy it forever.

The Right Tool For The Job

Get one or both of these amazing feature-rich table builders.

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Table Maker TOP SELLER

Table Maker brings beautiful responsive tables to the Divi-Builder. Style every part of the table from Content to Columns, Headers to Footers, even individual Cells.

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TablePress Styler NEW!

TablePress Styler lets you import, configure and style your TablePress tables in the Divi Builder. Supports all official TablePress features and extensions.

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Affiliate Program

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Choose Your Weapon

Control content visibility with these BASIC and PRO conditional display tools.

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Hide & Show 2.0.3

Hide & Show lets you display website content based on Logged-In Status, User Role, Date and Time. Show targeted content to specific users at specific times.

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Hide & Show PRO 2.0.0

Take control of who sees your content and when with Divi’s ultimate conditional display solution. Easily create Marketing Promotions, Events and other Notifications.

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Scale, Crop, Rotate & Flip

Image Box lets you make your images look right on any device.

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Image Box 1.1.3

Divi-Modules – Image Box lets you Scale, Crop, Rotate and Flip your images, directly within the Divi-Builder. Images can include Titles and Captions which can be loaded dynamically from the image itself or entered manually. Make your images look right on any device.

Upgrade Anytime

Did you know, you can upgrade your Divi-Modules Single Site license to Unlimited Sites at anytime and just pay the difference in price? Follow the link below to find out how.

Eye Candy

Make your website pop with these tasty text tools.

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Typewriter 2.1.3

Typewriter adds a feature-rich animated typing module to the Divi-Builder. Type Headings, Paragraphs, Blockquotes, Buttons, even existing page elements.

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Code: BFCM2021

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Text-On-A-Path 1.1.2

Text-On-A-Path lets you creates deliciously curvy text, right within the Divi-Builder. Choose from Arc, Cubic, and Quadratic paths, as well as Wave and Ellipse.

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The module that started it all. Grab your free copy today.


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Simple Heading FREE!

Divi-Modules – Simple Heading adds a simple but versatile module to the Divi Builder. Use it to add headings and subheadings to your layouts, with all the Divi styles, effects and filter settings you’re familiar with.

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All Divi-Modules products have passed Elegant Themes’ extensive review process and are also available for purchase on the Divi Marketplace.

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