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Actions (Example)

For the example shown here, the typewriter would do the following:

Type: “Hello”
Pause: 100 milliseconds
Type: “I’m the Divi-Modules – Typewriter.”
Type: 1 x line break
Type: “I can take your text”
Pause: 100 milliseconds
Type: “and type it!”
Type: 2 x line breaks
Pause: 200 milliseconds
Set: Typing Speed to 20 milliseconds
Type: “I can type FAST…”
Set: Typing Speed to 300 milliseconds
Type: “or very SLOWLY.”
Type: 1 x line break
Set: Typing Speed to 70 milliseconds
Type: “And I can PAUSE…
Pause: 1000 milliseconds
Type: “and DELETE
Pause: 250 milliseconds
Delete: 10 characters
Pause: 250 milliseconds
Type: “and CONTINUE.”

Notice the use of HTML and inline styling (<strong>, <em>, <span>, etc…) to style the typewriter content.

Note: In the example we are using the {{break}} Action to type line breaks. We could also have manually entered line breaks directly into the typewriter content and set the Line Breaks setting to Respect line breaks and start a new line.

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