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Triggering (Example 2)

Typewriters can trigger multiple typewriters to type when they finish.

In the typewriters that you wish to BE triggered:

  1. Set the Trigger setting to Start typing when triggered.
  2. Enter a unique identifier for the typewriter into the Trigger ID field. (eg. Typewriter-B)

In the typewriter that you wish to DO the triggering:

  1. Set the Trigger setting to Start typing immediately or Start typing when visible.
  2. Enter a comma separated list of Trigger IDs for the typewriters you wish to trigger into the Trigger Others field. (eg. Typewriter-B, Typewriter-C, etc…)

In the example shown here, Typewriter-A will start typing when it becomes visible on the page. Typewriter-B and Typewriter-C will then start typing when Typewriter-A finishes.


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