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Accessibility Sidebar


Our Accessibility Sidebar plugin provides enhanced accessibility features for your website visitors. In order to remember user settings across the website, we use a single cookie. This document aims to explain the purpose of this cookie and provide guidance regarding cookie consent requirements.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

The cookie stored by our plugin serves the purpose of remembering user preferences for accessibility settings. This enhances the user experience by allowing visitors to maintain their preferred accessibility settings as they navigate through different pages of the website.

Information Stored in the Cookie

The cookie generated by our plugin does not collect any personal or sensitive information. It only stores user preferences related to accessibility settings, such as font size, color contrast, or other accessibility features enabled by the visitor.

Duration of Cookie Storage

The cookie is designed to be persistent, remaining stored in the visitor’s browser for 30 days to maintain accessibility settings across sessions. However, users have the option to clear cookies from their browser settings at any time.

Cookie Consent Notice

It is the responsibility of the website owner to ensure compliance with relevant regulations regarding cookie usage and consent. Depending on the jurisdiction in which your website operates, you may be required by law to inform visitors that your website uses cookies and obtain their consent for the use of cookies.


Our Accessibility Sidebar plugin aims to improve accessibility for all visitors to your website. The use of a single cookie is essential for maintaining user preferences across the website. We advise website owners to familiarize themselves with cookie consent requirements applicable to their jurisdiction and implement necessary measures to ensure compliance.

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