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Accessibility Sidebar

Graphics Tools

Graphics Tools aim to optimize website appearance for users with visual impairments or sensory sensitivities.

A) Color Saturation

This tool allows website visitors to adjust the intensity of website colors, providing enhanced visibility and readability for individuals with color vision impairments.

B) Color Contrast

This tool allows website visitors to adjust the contrast between website text and background, improving readability and accessibility for individuals with low vision or color vision impairments.

C) Hide Images

This tool allows website visitors to hide website images, reducing visual clutter and distractions for improved focus and readability.

D) Stop Animations

This tool allows website visitors to disable website CSS motion effects and GIF animations, reducing distractions and improving accessibility for individuals with sensory sensitivities or attention disorders.


The Stop Animations tool will not stop javascript based animations.

Try It Yourself:

Click the button at the bottom-right corner of this page to open the sidebar and try any of the tools described above.

Accessibility Sidebar > Graphics Tools

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