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Accessibility Sidebar

Known Issues

Overriding Existing CSS Styles

Our Accessibility Sidebar plugin aims to enhance website accessibility by allowing website visitors to customize the website appearance to improve accessibility based on their individual needs and preferences.

The Accessibility Sidebar achieves this by applying its own custom CSS styles in an attempt to override existing website styling.

Occassionally, due to various factors with the existing website styling, such as the excessive use of the !important property, inline styles, or CSS selectors that cannot be overridden, the plugin may not always work as expected on certain websites.

Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

Certain Accessibility Sidebar features may not work well on tablet and mobile devices. Features such as Large Cursor, Focus Ring, Tooltip, Reading Guide, and Reading Mask rely on keyboard or mouse interactions for normal functionality.

To address this limitation, we have introduced a Visibility setting within the WordPress admin interface. This setting allows you to hide the sidebar on tablet and mobile devices. You can find this setting by navigating to the WordPress Admin > Accessibility > General > Sidebar Visibility section.

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