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Assistant Presets

The AuthorAI > Admin > Assistants tab in the WordPress Admin is where you can create your own assistant presets to be used with AuthorAI. The assistants you create here can be selected from the AuthorAI window in the Divi Builder.

AuthorAI comes with several predefined assistants which you can use, modify or delete as you see fit.

A) Default Assistant

Assistant 01 is the default assistant and will be used whenever the assistant field is reset. To use the AI without an assistant, leave the default assistant’s persona blank.

B) Assistant Title

Here you can enter a display title for the assistant.

C) Assistant Persona

Here you can enter a persona for the assistant. Personas can include characteristics such as a name, personality, occupation,
history, as well as the language, format, length, and tone of the response.

Personas can be highly detailed or as simple as, You always speak french or, You are William Shakespeare. You are encouraged to experiment and see what works best for your needs.


Assistant personas, also known as ChatGPT System Roles, are still fairly experimental and will not always influence the AI’s response. In many cases, the Default Assistant will provide the best results.

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