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Prompt Section

Prompts are the questions, instructions and other requests that you make to the AI and which it responds to.

A) Prompt Field

Prompts can be entered directly into the field provided by clicking the field and typing into it.

B) Prompt Presets

Prompts can also be selected from presets which you create by clicking the menu icon to the left of the input field. This
will open the presets window where you can select the preset you wish to use.

C) Edit Icon

Clicking the edit icon will take you to the AuthorAI > Admin > Prompts tab in the WordPress Admin where you can create and edit your prompt presets.

D) Send Button

Clicking the send button will send your request to the AI.

E) Field Reset

The prompt field can be reset by clicking the reset icon.

Prompt Section
Prompt Presets Window

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