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Quick Start

Here you’ll find a quick overview of the basic steps required to get started with AuthorAI quickly. This assumes that you have already activated your ChatGPT API Key in the AuthorAI > Admin > ChatGPT tab in the WordPress Admin.

1) AI Widget

Click the small AI widget located above any module field that you wish to generate content for.

2) Assistant Section

In the AuthorAI window that opens, select a preset assistant from the dropdown menu or keep the Default Assistant for still excellent results. Alternatively, you can manually enter an assistant persona by clicking on the field and typing.

3) Prompt Section

Select a preset prompt to send to the AI from the dropdown menu, or manually enter a prompt by clicking on the field and typing.

4) Send Button

Send the prompt to the AI for processing.

5) Content Section

Review the response from the AI and edit or modify it with additional prompts as desired.

6) Buttons Section

Copy or Apply the AI generated content to the selected field in the Divi Builder.

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