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TablePress Styler

Mod: Column Filter Dropdowns

Requires: TablePress Pro or Max. See the documentation at:

Column Filter Dropdowns

Here you can choose to enable column filter dropdowns above or below the table. When enabled, each table column will get a corresponding dropdown menu filled with all possible values from that column. The user can then select from these dropdown menus to filter table content on the front-end.

CFD: Exclude Columns

Here you can choose to disable the filter dropdown menus for certain columns. Columns are numbered starting at 1 and can be separated by a comma ( , ) character.

CFD: Maximum Selections

Here you can set the maximum number of selections that a user can make per dropdown menu.

CFD: Term Separator

Here you can define a content separator. For example, if your column content contains a list of colors separated by commas (eg. red, blue, green, yellow) you could enter a comma ( , ) character into this field so that each color in the list will appear separately in the dropdown menu for that column.

CFD: Term Grouping

Here you can choose to list the selected filter terms in one common section instead of underneath each dropdown.

Column Filter Dropdowns can be styled under the Design > Table: Elements toggle. See here for more information.

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