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TablePress Styler


Adding Icons

Icons can be added to a table cell using the [tps_icon] shortcode. Default settings for the icon can be specified under the TablePress Style Settings > Design > Table: Icons toggle.

Icon Shortcode Parameters

Shortcode parameters allow you to customize the appearance and behaviour of individual icons. These parameters will override any settings made under the Table: Icons toggle.

Note: The icon shortcode currently supports only the standard 360 Elegant Icons set. It does not yet support the Extended Icons set added in Divi 4.13.

Parameter Description Example
name Set the name of the icon that you wish to display. You can use any of the 360 Elegant Icons included as standard in the Divi Builder. See a complete list of available icons here. [tps_icon name="close_alt"]
class Add additional classes to the icon element. [tps_icon class="my_custom_icon"]
color Set the color of the icon. [tps_icon color="#6b35b6"]
size Set the size of the icon. [tps_icon size="48px"]
[tps_icon size="200%"]
style Add additional inline styles to the icon. [tps_icon style="cursor:pointer;"]
href Specify a link url for the icon. [tps_icon href=""]
target Specify whether the link opens into the same window ( _self ) or a new one ( _blank ). [tps_icon href="" target="_blank"]
rel Specify the relationship between the current document and the link. [tps_icon href="" target="_self" rel="noopener noreferrer"]
All [tps_icon name="download" class="my_download_icon" color="#6b35b6" size="48px" style="cursor:pointer;" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"]

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