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TablePress Styler

Mod: Responsive Tables

Requires: TablePress Pro or Max. See the documentation at:

Responsive Tables

Here you can choose to enable one of five responsive table modes, including:

  1. Scroll Table
  2. Scroll All Elements
  3. Flip Columns and Rows
  4. Collapse Hidden Columns
  5. Stack Rows

Note: Not all responsive modes work equally well for all tables. You will need to experiment with the modes to find the one that works best for your table content.

Responsive: Breakpoint

Here you can set the breakpoint at which the responsive mode will become active.

Stack: Gap

Here you can set the gap between each row stack.

Stack: Show Headers

Here you can control the visibility of table headers.

Stack: Show Footers

Here you can control the visibility of table footers.

Responsive Tables: Modes
Responsive Tables: Settings

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