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TablePress Styler


Adding Buttons

Buttons can be added to a table cell using the [tps_button] shortcode. Default settings for the button can be specified under the TablePress Style Settings > Design > Table: Buttons toggle.

Button Shortcode Parameters

Shortcode parameters allow you to customize the appearance and behaviour of individual buttons. These parameters will override any settings made under the Table: Buttons toggle.

Parameter Description Example
text Set the label text for the button. [tps_button text="Download"]
class Add additional classes to the button element. [tps_button class="my_custom_button"]
color Set the color of the button. [tps_button color="#6b35b6"]
size Set the size of the button text. [tps_button size="48px"]
[tps_button size="200%"]
style Add additional inline styles to the button. [tps_button style="cursor:pointer;"]
href Specify a link url for the button. [tps_button href=""]
target Specify whether the link opens into the same window ( _self ) or a new one ( _blank ). [tps_button href="" target="_blank"]
rel Specify the relationship between the current document and the link. [tps_button href="" target="_self" rel="noopener noreferrer"]
All [tps_button text="Download" class="my_download_button" color="#6b35b6" size="48px" style="cursor:pointer;" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"]

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