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TablePress Styler

Mod: Row Filtering

Requires: TablePress Pro or Max. See the documentation at:

Row Filtering

Here you can enable row filtering. When enabled, you can selectively show or hide table rows based on the content of their cells.

Row Filtering: Terms

Here you can enter the term or terms to search for. When searching for multiple terms, you can use the AND ( && ) OR ( || ) logic operators.

Note: It is not possible to use both the AND and OR operators in the same search.

Row Filtering: URL Parameter

Here you can enter a URL parameter which can be used to dynamically filter table rows on the front-end. For example, you could filter rows which contain the words in-stock by linking to the table like this, The URL parameter can be used with or without a predefined filter term in the Row Filtering: Terms setting above.

Row Filtering: Columns

Here you can choose to limit the search to only certain table columns. Columns are numbered starting at 1 and can be separated by a comma ( , ) character. Consecutive columns can be specified with a hyphen ( - ) character.

Row Filtering: Case Sensitive

Here you can choose to make the search case sensitive.

Row Filtering: Match Full Cell

Here you can choose to enable full cell matching. When enabled, only cells who’s full content matches the search term will be considered as a match.

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