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TablePress Styler

Mod: Row Order

Requires: TablePress Pro or Max. See the documentation at:

Row Order

Here you can choose how to sort the table rows. Options include:

  • Sort in Reverse Order
  • Sort in Random Order
  • Sort by Column
  • Sort Manually

Row Order: Column

Here you can set the column that will be sorted. For example, the first column would be column A, the second column would be column B, etc…

Row Order: Direction

Here you can select whether the rows are to be sorted in Ascending or Descending order.

Row Order: Manual

Here you can specify the row order manually. Rows are numbered starting at 1 and can be separated by a comma ( , ) character. Consecutive rows can be specified with a hyphen ( - ) character.

Row Order: Options
Row Order: Sort by Column
Row Order: Sort Manually

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