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Hide & Show PRO


Hide & Show PRO’s Components request geolocation data from your selected geolocation service and then hide or show Divi elements based upon the response.

Therefore, Hide & Show PRO’s geolocation components will only ever be as accurate as the IP database of the geolocation service being used.

If you suspect the location results you are receiving from your chosen geolocation service are inaccurate, you can test this by doing the following:

A) Search Field

Visit the geolocation service’s home page and manually enter the IP address into the search field provided.

B) Search Results

The geolocation results you see here will be the same as those which are being received by Hide & Show PRO.

If you find that the geolocation data is inaccurate, you can contact the geolocation service directly and request for them to update their database.

A typical example of a geolocation service home page and search field. The geolocation results shown here are the same as those received by Hide & Show PRO.

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