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Post Taxonomy

The Post Taxonomy Component is for controlling content visibility based on a page’s taxonomies.

A) Logic

Here you select whether any or all of the rules should be true.

B) Operator

Here you select how the rule is evaluated. There are two options:

  1. Term is equal to…
  2. Term is not equal to…

C) Taxonomy

Here you select the taxonomy term.

What are Post Taxonomies?

Post taxonomies are commonly referred to as Categories and Tags but can also have other names. Taxonomies allow you to organise your Posts, Pages, Products and other post types based on their content or function. For example, if your website is a store, you may have taxonomy terms for the different types of products that you sell, such as Accessories, Clothes, or Shoes. The post taxonomies that will be available to you will depend upon what plugins you are running and your particular WordPress setup.

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