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Post Author Meta

The Post Author Meta Component is for controlling content visibility based on the user meta data of the post author.

A) Logic

Here you select whether any or all of the rules should be true.

B) Meta Key

Here you select the meta key to use.

C) Operator

Here you select how the rule is evaluated. There are 14 options:

  1. is equal to…
  2. is not equal to…
  3. is greater than…
  4. is less than…
  5. is greater than or equal to…
  6. is less than or equal to…
  7. is true
  8. is false
  9. is empty
  10. is not empty
  11. does exist
  12. does not exist
  13. does contain…
  14. does not contain…

D) Value

Here you enter the meta value.

What is Post Author Meta?

Post author meta is information about the author of a Post or Page that is stored in your WordPress database. Post author meta is stored in the database in key/value pairs. The post author meta keys and values that will be available to you will depend upon what plugins you are running and your particular WordPress setup.

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